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Please follow the steps below to create your own Introduction Video and Digital Portfolio/Website:


Part I: Create a FlipGrid video


1. From a smart device or your laptop’s webcam, go to

2. Enter the following Grid code: 3dd35a

3. Select the “+” to begin creating your video. Introduce yourself to the rest of the Workshop’s participants.

4. Once you have completed your video, click on it and select the paper airplane icon seen here:

5. Select the “Embed” option and the “Copy” button.

6. Paste your code into NotePad, WordPad, a Word document or an email message.

Part II: Create a Wix Account and a Website.

1. Navigate to:

2. Select “Sign In” in the upper right corner.

3. Select the “Sign Up” link if you do not already have a Wix account.

4. Login to your Wix account.

5. Select the “Create a new site” button as seen in the following screen shot

6. You have two options here:

7.    a)  Choose a template that you feel suits your vision. Select the “Choose a Template” button beneath the “Create Your Website with the Wix Editor” title. Hover over the template you would like to use and select “Edit.”

       b) To use the same template that Daniel Ward used for his site (, choose the “Business” link. Select the “Choose a Template” button beneath the “Create Your Website with the Wix Editor” title. Choose the “Personal Business Coach” template (this should be the last template on page 6). Hover over the template and select “Edit.”

8. Select the “Pages: HOME” menu in the top left as seen in the following screen shot:

9. Think about what title pages might be appropriate for your students. Dan used: Introduction, Professional Growth Plan, Social Media, Blog, and Resume. Some of Audrey’s students used Accomplishments, Activities, or Awards as well.

10. Delete any unwanted sections which were part of your template by selecting the highlighted button below and by selecting “Delete”:

11. Edit your “Introduction” page by embedding your FlipGrid video. To do this, select the “Introductions from the “Pages:…” menu (if you are not already there).

12. Select the “Add” button on the left side of the screen.

13. Select the “More” button and “HTML Code” button as seen here:

14. Select the “Enter Code” button.

15. Click in the “HTTPS only…” section.

16. Paste your FlipGrid video code in this box (if you did not copy this, open a new tab in your internet browser and follow the steps in the “Create a FlipGrid” video in the first section of this document).

17. Select “Update.”


Part III: Create a Public Twitter Account and Embed to Wix

1. Navigate

2. Create a Twitter account by selecting the “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.3. Once you have created your account, make sure that your account is public by selecting “Settings and Privacy from the menu pictured below and select the Privacy and Safety menu and make sure that the “Protect Your Tweets” option is unchecked (also pictured below):

4. Make your first tweet (and feel free to tag @audreyfisch and @dpward82) about today’s workshop using the “Tweet” button in the upper right corner of your account.

5. Embed your Twitter feed in your Wix site by navigating (while in Edit mode) to the Wix page site where you would like to embed it.

6.  Select the Wix App Market icon from the left tool panel, search for “Twitter Feed” in the text box and select  “Twitter Feed by POWr” from the list as seen below:

7. Select “Add to Site” and “+Add App” to add the tool to your page.

8. You will see a feed (but not linked to your Twitter account). Click on the “Settings” button above the feed and enter your Twitter handle as seen in the screen shot below:

9. You should now see your Twitter feed appear on your Wix page.


Part IV: Create an Instagram Account and Embed to Wix.

1. Navigate to

2. Select the “Sign Up” link as seen in the screen shot below:

3. Edit your profile to be sure that the “Private Account” option is unchecked. Note: If you do not want the public to see your personal Instagram account, you should create another account to use for professional purposes. This privacy section can be seen in the screen shot here:

4. Take a picture of our PowerPoint projected in this room and post it to Instagram and Include a caption about your experience in today’s workshop.

5. Navigate to your Wix account, be sure that you are in Edit mode, and navigate to a page where you would like to embed your Instagram gallery.

6. Select the “+” sign from the left tool panel, select “Social from the menu, scroll to “Instagram Feed” and select the “+” as seen in the screen shot below:

7. Select the “Settings” link to connect your Instagram account and to edit your feed’s layout.

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